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31 Jan 2023
Distribution Of Self-reported Health In India: The Role Of Income And Geography

Background: We obtain evidence on self-reported health in India using a new large-scale survey database.

Methods: We report summary statistics about the self-reported ill-health rate, and explore relationships with socio-economic parameters through logistic regressions.

Results: The overall average ill health rate is 3.25%. The most important correlates are age, income and location. We find substantial variation across the 102 'homogeneous regions' of the country. Higher income is correlated with better health in 40% of India.

Conclusions: The maps of ill health seen here diverge from conventional wisdom about North vs. South India. Epidemiological studies are required in the hotspots of ill-health and the regions where higher income does not correlate with improved health.

Keywords: Self-reported health, India, geographical variation, SES and health.


Distribution of self-reported health in India: The role of income and geography, Ila Patnaik, Renuka Sane, Ajay Shah, S. V. Subramanian, PLoS ONE 18(1), January 2023, pages 1-18.

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