Public Discourse
07 Jun 2022
Comments To TRAI On The Consultation Paper On Issues Relating To Media Ownership

TRAI published a Consultation Paper on Issues Relating to Media

Ownership on April 12, 2022. (

In our response, we argue that it is important to avoid excessive government interference in the media space. Rather than focus on regulation that limits market development, the legal regime should focus on reducing barriers to market entry and thereby promoting competition. We point to how any proposed interventions should be based on clear evidence of harm. This would require proper information collection and building regulatory capacity in existing institutions, rather than merely creating a new cross-sectoral media regulator. We therefore suggest various ways in which regulatory capacity could be enhanced, for instance, by utilizing the expertise of the non-governmental sector.


Comments to TRAI on the consultation paper on Issues Relating to Media Ownership, Rishab Bailey, Ajay Shah, June 2022

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