Public Discourse
30 May 2022
Comments To TRAI On The Consultation Paper On Issues Related To New Regulatory Framework For Broadcasting And Cable Services

TRAI published a Consultation Paper on Issues related to new Regulatory Framework for Broadcasting and Cable Services on May 7, 2022 (

In our response, we argue that TRAIs policy of fixing tariffs of television channels (by regulating the pricing of bouquets or discounts that can be provided thereon, etc.) is an arbitrary and disproportionate intervention. Not only has TRAI failed to demonstrate evidence of harm to implement such an intrusive regulatory tool, the intervention has also failed to have any significant social or economic benefit. Accordingly, we suggest that TRAI revise its tariff policy and engage in regulatory forbearance. Alternatively, deregulation could be considered in specific markets/geographies, to provide an appropriate evidence base to gauge the results of competition and therefore fine-tune the regulatory system.


Comments to TRAI on the consultation paper on Issues Related to New Regulatory Framework For Broadcasting And Cable Services, Rishab Bailey, Devendra Damle, Harleen Kaur, Ajay Shah, May 2022

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