Cross Disciplinary
Knowledge Data

The great problems of the world do not neatly fit into bins. Our research approach is inter-disciplinary, harnessing economics, law, public administration, engineering, statistics and science. We create new data and knowledge. We apply high standards of evidence and logic to find resonant explanations and authentic solutions.

The best ideas emerge from good faith debate between diverse points of view. We intensively collaborate, and build community.


Legal System

Quantitative and institutional analysis of the working of the judicial branch.

Firms & Finance

The links between finance and the emergence of high productivity firms.


The causes and consequences of good health in the people.

Statistics & Computer Science

Working on the frontiers of the creating and analysing alternative data, and the statistical analysis of big data


Other fields in which research is taking place

Households & Finance

Studying the financial choices made by households to smooth consumption and improve their well-being.

The Land Market

The causes and consequences of an efficient land market.

Climate Change

Inter-disciplinary thinking on climate mitigation and adaptation.

Technology Policy

Rethinking the relationships between states, citizens and corporations in a world intermediated by high technology.

Public Finance

The finances of government: how resources are obtained and how they are spent.

Questions Enlighten.
Answers Educate.
Actions Empower.

We actively seek out the important questions of the age. We are professional skeptics on data quality. We engage in improving measurement. We value ethnographic methods, talking to practitioners, mastering miniscule details of the institutional landscape, building systems for sustained data gathering in order to understand the passions of all actors. We bring sound methods to our diagnosis and derive insights into the workings of the world. We work on a sustained basis, over long horizons, to develop wisdom in a field. We apply creativity when designing solutions for the problems faced by decision makers, whether in government and in private firms. We participate in public debates and knowledge sharing. We build collaborations in strategic thinking and practical solutions.

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What is XKDR Forum?
We are a non-profit research organization located in Bombay, India. 'XKDR' stands for 'Cross Disciplinary Knowledge Data Research'. We synthesise knowledge and capabilities from diverse specialised fields in order to diagnose and solve the great problems of the age.
Are you a university, a research institution, a think tank, or a consulting organisation?
We are not a university in that we do not grant degrees but we do engage in a variety of mechanisms through which we diffuse knowledge into society. We are a research institution, in that we create new knowledge, write papers and books, and disseminate these. We engage in public debates, but not in a partisan or ideological manner, so the phrase 'think tank' makes us a bit uncomfortable. We are not a consulting organisation in the conventional sense of the term, but we do engage with many partners on practical solutions to felt needs.
In what field do you produce research papers: Economics or Statistics or Law?
We do all of these, but we define ourselves by none of these. We are interested in the grand questions of the world. We seek to achieve knowledge and expertise in order to be useful, without narrow definitions of a discipline.
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