Households and finance

Building research capacity in analysing the what, how and why of the financial choices made by households.

Our work in this field includes analysing how households interface with the financial system in using products and services to better manage their consumption needs and improve their consumptions choices at different times in their life-cycle; how these experiences differ across different features of where and who the households are; how to measure the effectiveness with which households are able to use finance, and where the gaps are; and how changes in legal and regulatory environment impacts and influences the households in making their financial choices. This study spans the behaviour of the households, the financial sector institutions and participants, law-makers and regulators.

Research paper

Does the quality of land records affect credit access of households in India?

  • Susan Thomas
  • Diya Uday
xKDR working paper 1,
February 2021


Northern Arc Foundation–Dvara Trust Field Workshop on Household Finance, 2021

17th July 2021

Northern Arc Foundation-Dvara Trust Field Workshop on Household Finance, 2020

27th June 2020