Public Discourse
"From Here to Denmark: The Importance of Institutions for Good Governance" by Rajat M Nag and Harinder S. Kohli

About the book: "Here" is a hypothetical place where governance is poor and corruption is rife. "Denmark" is another hypothetical place where the opposite holds true. There is no easy road map for the journey from Here to Denmark. Each society will have to find its own way. But the experiences of several countries point to a common lesson: the overriding importance of human capital and an empowered citizenry which can actively participate in the affairs of their society in building strong institutions. 

About the co-author: Dr. Rajat Nag is the former Managing Director of the Asian Development Bank. He is now concurrently a Distinguished Fellow at the Advanced Studies Institute of Asia (ASIA), Delhi, at the Emerging Markets Institute at the Beijing Normal University, Beijing and at the Emerging Markets Forum, Washington, DC.

The event is open to all but registration is mandatory.

29 May 2024
XKDR Forum, 201, Samarpan Building, Guru Hargovindji Rd, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059
16:00 - 17:30