Announcement: Position for researchers in public finance and public procurement

xKDR Forum is looking for researchers to work on a project with the Chennai Mathematical Institution (CMI), involving studying the impact of public finance management and public procurement issues on the private sector. And research interns to work on a litigation study as part of an ongoing project.

xKDR Forum is a Mumbai-based inter-disciplinary group of researchers working in the fields of household and firm finance, financial markets, public finance management and public procurement and the land market. In these fields, the group engages in academic and policy oriented research, and advocacy. The new recruits will come into an active research program in the field.

xKDR Forum is looking for researchers with the profiles described below.

Senior Researcher (One position)

As a senior researcher, you will be expected to take a lead on delivering on the project objectives. You will be part of the core group of this project, building a pipeline of research ideas, and executing them. This will mean pursuing independent research as well as supervising and advising team members in their research. The requirements for the role of a senior researcher are: knowledge of public economics, public administration, public policy; over four years of work experience; very high quality spoken and written English. Experience with running surveys is additionally desirable.

Research Associates (Two positions)

As a research associate, you will work on project deliverables under the supervision of a senior researcher. The requirements for the role of research associate are: a background in economics and public policy, quantitative skills are desirable, two years of work experience.

You must be comfortable in working in an inter disciplinary research environment with people from varying backgrounds such as economics, law, public policy and data science. You must be curious and passionate about research and must be willing to work on independent outputs as well as in teams.

The remuneration offered will be commensurate with your skill and experience and will be comparable with what is found in other research institutions.

Interested candidates must email their resume with the subject line: Application for "Senior Researcher/ Research Associate" at xKDR Forum, to Ms. Shyna Adhiya at